Cica is the new magical ingredient in skincare town

There’s another sheriff in magnificence town and it beyond any doubt implies business. In case you’re one who experiences sensitive skin, you’d know that it is so hard to discover items that match your skin type. Helping you battle all your skincare misfortunes is the charmed ingredient known as cica.

Technically known as Centella Asiatica, aka Cica, this magical herb is a powerful medicine that has been used for thousands of years across China, India, Japan and Indonesia. When ingested, the herb is said to improve blood circulation and help with flu symptoms such as fever. When applied topically, cica helps calm the skin and speeds up healing which helps with burns, psoriasis and dermatitis – making it the perfect partner for sensitive skin.

Also consisting of anti-ageing properties, cica creams protect your skin from the early signs of ageing thanks to its ability to increase the production of collagen. The anti-inflammatory property present in the ingredient creates an ideal barrier around the skin, protecting it. Although the significance of cica isn’t quite new, a recent study suggested that Centella Asiatica ideally increases the skin’s hydration and prevents moisture loss, making it great for dry skin.

Adding cica to your skincare routine means you can get smooth and soft skin that turns around from breakouts and redness a lot faster. Plus it is made to suit any skin type, from dry to sensitive, to even acne-prone. There you go! We’ve literally found the fountain of youth hidden in the ingredient known as cica.

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