From making eyebrows look good to guiding how to preserve them- 28 year old does it all

Shuttling between Mumbai and Delhi, 28-year-old Umang Vanshika attends to about seven or eight clients a day at various salons and parlours in the two metro cities. Unlike scores of women working in beauty parlours, plucking out unwanted hair from around the eyebrows with a thread clutched between their teeth, Vanshika, a brow artist by profession, advises her clients about what works best for them.

For Vanshika, eyebrows are the most important feature of the face but are often underrated.

“We all have grown up with an idea of getting our eyebrows done by threading, but there are other ways too. Usually when you go to a parlour, they don’t give you consultation, like if you need a change, what suits your face or how do you want your brows to look like. This is what I do. I ask my clients in details about what exactly they are looking for… After taking instructions, I wax their eyebrows instead of threading. Then I use a range or products like brow pencil, brow gel and brow powder to make them look perfect,” explains Vanshika.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Vanshika spends at least two weeks of each month in Mumbai attending to her clients. For Rs 600 per session, she provides consultation, styling and waxing of eyebrows in sessions that last 20 to 30 minutes. While most of her clients are women, she says men too are no longer shying away from getting their eyebrows trimmed.

While she always enjoyed wearing makeup and is obsessed with fashion magazines, Vanshika says she never thought she could make a career out of it. “Make up was more like a hobby… but during my college days, I took a short course in makeup and after that I started working with magazines and beauty salons,” says Vanshika.

She says obsession with her brows drove her in becoming a brow artist. A salon ‘perfect brows’ gave her an opportunity to become a brow artist. Vanshika says there are so many different ways to style eyebrows today depending on one’s face structure. She names a few ways to style one’s brows: feather brows, contoured brows, straight brows and natural brows. She advises her clients to choose a style that suits their face structure and accordingly use products to have perfect brows.

The brow artist says most of her women clients request for thick, voluminous and light arched brows. Through her work, Vanshika says, she is trying to make people aware that right brows can make a big difference to the way they look.

In her view, waxing is better than threading as there is less pain and it pulls the “hair from the root”. Vanshika says she also helps her clients to know how to use products and brow brushes for their daily use. “Today, women know how to do their makeup but not their brows. I feel Indian women are blessed with thick, black brows, but they lack the knowledge to make them look the best,” says Vanshika.

Tech-savvy Vanshika says people approach her on her Instagram profile, following which she informs them of her availability in Mumbai. A number of Vanshika’s clients in Mumbai are fashion bloggers, she says.

Maintaining that the concept of having good brows has also got men’s attention these days, Vanshika says men’s eyebrows need a little bit of trimming and grooming but not shaping. A basic grooming is what she recommends for her male clients.


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