Greek Goddess Meets Parisian Chic: Chanel’s Cruise Show Beauty Look Was Everything

If the crumbling ruins on set didn’t tip you off about the theme for the 2018 Chanel Cruise show, the hair and make-up certainly did.

Beauty legends Sam McKnight and Tom Pecheux helped bring Karl Lagerfeld’s ancient Greece-inspired collection to life through rumpled, half-up braids, major hair accessories, and Cleopatra-esque eyeliner.
The models walked the runway with various hairstyles; those with shorter cuts had it styled down and rumpled, while longer hair was pulled back into a half-up ponytail then braided ####our favourite#####.

McKnight and his team popped an accessory—a crown-like headband or flower pin—on each head, then secured a silky black ribbon along the back and let it hang loose and low.

As if we needed another reason to stockpile black ribbons for our hair.

The key product was Cool Girl from Hair By Sam McKnight, the hairstylist’s forthcoming styling collection that was first spotted backstage last season.

The make-up was a little less ornate, with all the attention focused on the models’ eyes. Tom Pecheux and his team traced a black Chanel liner along the bottom lashline and in the inner corner, but didn’t continue the line along the top lashes.

By limiting the line to just the bottom, the shape didn’t look severe or punk. Rather, it was unmistakably Mediterranean. The skin was left otherwise natural-looking, with no visible lip colour, bronzer, or blush.

Consider it a fresh summer beauty look that really only requires one product. YAS.


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