Here’s the means by which you can delay your hair from greying

melanin production is one of the root causes of hair greying. Although diet plays a significant role in maintaining your hair, the cells that emit melanin determine your hair’s natural colour. As you grow older, melanin production slows down causing hair to grey.

While, colouring might seem like the most feasible and stylish option, it only solves your issue at a surface level. In order to prevent greying, you need to delay it – and chamomile is one such ingredient that will help you do precisely that. Just the way ageing skin can be slowed down using natural skincare products, similarly, you can now delay greying with a botanical solution too.

Step in the fountain of youth for your tresses – True Roots by Marico is a breakthrough product innovation that clinically claims to slow down hair greying. This magical potion is in the form of a non-sticky tonic that increases the melanin levels in the hair roots, thereby delaying it from turning grey. While, we all love a little salt and pepper in our hair, who doesn’t want to look younger?

The unique formulation of the product creates a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. True Roots consists of Apegenin that is extracted from the chamomile flower – this increases the melanin level, delaying the greying process for 90 days after application. The results can only be seen post 90 days of usage and needs to be used continuously for an effective outcome.

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