This CREEPY self-nail art with long HAIR connections is cracking everybody out

Design is continually advancing and what may be hot today may simply be out tomorrow. However, in the journey to be extraordinary and very hatke, some of the time fashionistas wind up intuition way out of the container and concoct something peculiar as well as out and out shocking and strangely aggravating. While we are as yet attempting to get our heads straight around squiggle eyebrows and lips, here’s another frightful design attack to perplex our brains.

Fantasy artist Dain Yoon from South Korea divulged new nail workmanship on the selfart-hair-nails-759virtual world — self-nail workmanship. wondering what’s that? Indeed, it’s the place each of her nails were scratched with her own face, and to influence it to idealize, she included long strands of hair also! Envision long dark tresses swinging from the sides of your finger! Indeed, splendidly drawn eyes, nose, eyebrows, red lips and pure black hair — they do look like the artist, don’t they?! Furthermore,  to make an assortment, there she’s postured in different articulations as well!

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