Enjoy An Appetizing Meal Along With Twilight Bowling At Smaaash

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November, 2018, Mumbai–Smaaash summons all bowling enthusiasts to knock off the pins and enjoy this celebratory season with a bash. Whether you’re planning a competition with your friends or just another way to spend time with your family, Smaaash brings to you some of the most remarkable offers on twilight bowling.

Smaaash’s twilight bowling alley will provide a mini buffet for all the gourmands who love to enjoy a game with some food! Enjoy a game of bowling along with an extraordinary spread of a scrumptious meal that includes salad, dal, vegetarian/non vegetarian main course, roti and rice.

This festive season, “strike it” with some delicacies only at Smaaash!!

Offer: Bowling + Buffet

Price: Rs.679 AI

Time: Saturday & Sunday

Game time – 11am to 2pm

Food time – 12pm to 3pm.

Venue: Smaaash, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel


Launched in 2012, SMAAASH is one of India’s acclaimed gaming and entertainment centers that blends sports, virtual reality, music and dining into an immersive, evolved, interactive and innovative social experience for family, friends and children alike. Helmed by its creative ideator, ShripalMorakhia, SMAAASH is renowned in the field of sports simulation technology and proprietary gamification technologies such as a unique twilight bowling zone, motor racing and bike racing simulators and the go-karting tracks (in Mumbai & Gurgaon)

Being a virtual reality led entertainment gaming center – vastly credited to its in-house research and production capabilities, head mounted displays are used to produce games such as Walk the Plank, Finger Coaster, Cockpit 360 etc.

Recently, SMAAASH has acquired 100% stake in bluO entertainment (a premium bowling and entertainment format). The acquisition marks the doubling of the area under SMAAASH management from 276,000 square feet to approximately around 600,000 square feet in India. With its current presence in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Noida and Ludhiana, SMAAASH also touted as one of India’s entertainment powerhouse in foreign shores with its Mall of America launch. Apart from this, SMAAASH has also acquired a 100% stake in SVM Bowling and Gaming, a popular bowling and entertainment format operated by SVM Private Limited. We are now present in 13 cities and are now 26 centers in total.

SMAAASH implores the child in you to joyously revel in an unmatched range of activities ranging from highly interactive sports simulators to many more thrilling and recreational attractions. Redefining sports entertainment and customer engagement with ground-breaking entertainment ideas and novel dining concepts, SMAAASH has something for everyone anyone of any age making it a perfect destination for “kids” of all ages.

Website: https://smaaash.in



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