Kempinski Hotel Muscat hosts ‘Radhika Tea Ceremony’ at Boulevard Tea House


Mumbai, 4th September 2018 – Radhika Batra Shah, A tea sommelier who pioneered tea ceremonies in India in 2006, ever since a household name and owner of the organic tea brand RadhikasFineTeas & Whatnots, has now spread her wings in Muscat Oman with the prestigious Kempinski group of hotels.

Radhika not only was invited to launch her signature line of bespoke signature handcrafted teas by the Kempinski Hotel Muscat at their Boulevard Tea House but also host her famous tea ceremony introducing her finest selection of teas. In her story, each tea has a purpose and resonates with feelings. As the guests enjoyed the culinary pairing experience of fine teas with Kempinski’s delicious savouries and sweets, Radhika charmed the audience with her teas and their benefits.

Offering authentic Indian teas, Available only at the Boulevard Tea House within the Middle East, Radhikas Fine Teas feature organic, plantation-fresh whole leaf teas that are plucked from a single origin at the beginning of the harvest to provide superior “First Flush” loose leaves. Teas such as Darjeeling White Oolong, Black Leaf Bergamot, and Tisanes – herbal teas, are blended with a variety of high quality, authentic spices to satisfy every taste bud.

On this tealicious occasion, Radhika, owner of Radhikas Fine Teas & Whatnots, said, “It’s an honour to be part of Oman and its culture. I am glad that my teas will be available here at Boulevard Tea House. While hosting the tea ceremony I showed the guests how to revel in the best pairings of authentic Indian food from Bukhara and Boulevard restaurants of Kempinski with a twist and enjoy speciality teas in a warm and social atmosphere, while reaping the various health benefits from the different teas”.


About Radhika Batra Shah: Radhika is a celebrated “Tea Sommelier” who first introduced the idea of Fine Teas in India and all things around it in 2006. Right from sourcing fine leaves to the art of brewing to hosting customized tea ceremonies, Radhikas Fine Teas – a premium signature tea brand, has been tantalizing many a palate in urban Indian households.

From being a marketing professional to an entrepreneur to a mom, Radhikas “Tea Story” is a fine blend of warmth and originality. She “Tea Trails” around the world in search of the finest of teas and tisanes and her ingenuity in coming up with the most unique “Tea Blends” ensures that you get that perfect brew every time you make a cuppa. And if you follow her fine tea recommendations, you end up turning your otherwise ordinary day into a ‘tealiciously’ fine day.

Come; join her on this journey as she unfolds the magic of Tea via her curations. A journey where you will discover that tea isn’t just black or green!! But a beautiful infusion of good mood and good health paired with perfect food.

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About Kempinski Hotel Muscat: An urban resort influenced by traditional local culture, Kempinski Hotel Muscat is the contemporary interpretation of Oman. Bringing luxurious European flair and Omani hospitality, the hotel offers the diverse culinary selection one would expect from an authentic dining destination. Kempinski Hotel Muscat boasts ten restaurants and lounges with flavours from several parts of the world including India, Thailand, the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa.

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