Deepika feels being alluded to as Priyanka is racism

Recently, Deepika Padukone opened up about the multiple times when the foreign media chose to be ignorant by calling her, Priyanka Chopra.
Speaking during an event, she said, ” It’s not just me who should be offended, but each one of you should also be offended because it’s not just ignorance but also racism. Two people of similar colour are not the same people. So, you as fellow Indians should be calling them out and educating them. Instead of encouraging it, you should be educating them. ”
Not just that, but the A-list actress of Bollywood was referred as “leggy brunette” when she went to dine with the Tennis star Novak Djokovic in Los Angeles.
Priyanka also backed Deepika Padukone and called the foreign media ignorant and said ” That’s just ignorance and I feel really bad. It’s not right. I guess I am the most popular brown face but guys, every brown girl does not look the same. That was not fair and she is a massive star from India. ”
Priyanka and Deepika have both made a mark in Bollywood and Hollywood and since Deepika is comparatively new to the foreign media, she is facing troubles gaining more popularity. However, we are sure that our ‘Padmavati’ will soon get her set of crazy fans in the West too.

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