This summer JACK & JONES expands its denim brotherhood with a junior collection. The junior collection is a line of styles in the well-known JACK & JONES design, scaled down to fit young guys aged 8 to16.Building on its solid reputation for high quality and knowhow in the menswear business, JACK &JONES now introduces a range of styles for the younger consumers. The first junior range will be available from April 2019.

Future fashion leaders
The junior collection is based on the existing, well-known JACK & JONES design – just scaled down in size.
The expression therefore differs from the typical childlike look often offered for the younger audience. CEO & Country Manager, Vineet Gautam, explains;
‘’We live in exciting times when juniors possess a style quotient as evolved and valuable as adults themselves! They breathe distinct individualities with their fashion forward sensibilities and are sure to change the future of fashion in India! This is a group that cannot be ignored and we want to be an indelible part of their world.’’

By adding a junior collection, JACK & JONES closes the loop of size ranges, offering styles to the male consumer throughout his lifetime. Craftsmanship and dedication – in smaller sizes Created with passion and craftsmanship, the youngest consumers will see a collection that echoes the coolest looks of the JACK & JONES adult styles. The junior collections will reflect the brand’s dedication to denim and Jeanswear, offering styles from the three lifestyles; CORE, ORIGINALS and PREMIUM as well as JEANS INTELLIGENCE. The junior collections will focus on casual jeanswear with a quality, design and fitting that will appeal to the younger target group.

Pune Market city, Linking Road (Mumbai), Jubilee Hills (Hyderabad), Indiranagar (Bangalore) and
Mall of India
More than a quarter of a century ago, we set out to take on the world. We were just a few guys with our first jeans collection and a passion for denim that couldn't be denied.
Many years later, we're still just one of the guys and it's still all about jeans, but we've added a few more people to our team along the way. And yes, we know it takes more than a pair of good jeans to cover a guy's wardrobe needs. So, we cover the full range from urban sportswear, casual classics, neat suits, accessories and footwear. Basically, we've got it covered for every occasion you might end up in.That's why we like to think of ourselves as more than just a brand. We're brotherhood, a club, a community – bonded by denim . And in that community, we have one objective – being there for our guys. Our universe is a drama free zone, it is shopping made easy. It's good jeans with good vibes.This is the philosophy behind our brand.JACK & JONES India currently has 70 stores and 482 shop-in-shops spread across the country.JACK & JONES is available online with www.jackjones.in and present with leading online partners.

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