Studio CASA 9 to hold two-day event for Women to learn to love themselves

Studio CAS 9 Event

Empower yourself and learn to love yourself this Valentine


February 6, 2019: Studio CASA 9, a contemporary clothing brand based in Mumbai, in association with M Power and Apron Patisserie will hold an informative and fun-filled two-day event that is open to all women.  During the event organizers will give tips to women on creating their wardrobe in a way that it will increase their self-confidence. It will be held on February 8 and 9 at Studio CASA 9 boutique from 2 pm to 4 pm.


The event will be an interaction with women from different walks of life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, working women, or a mother first learn to love yourself instead of your loved ones. This event will be an experience for all women who attend the same. It will be the afternoon of, fashion, sweet goodies and lots of conversations.


While inviting all the ladies out there to join the occasion, Ms, Nikita ViraKaushik, Co-Founder and Fashion Designer of Studio CASA 9 said, “On the occasion of Valentine’s Day it’s important for all the women to rejuvenate the self-love.  Accept if any psychological challenge you’re suffering with at professional and personal level and try to solve them to have a great life ahead. This workshop will help women, who are facing such psychological challenges and mental stress, to overcome such a situation in a positive manner”.  “At the workshop, designers will give some simple tips to revamp your current wardrobe which will help you look smart and boost your confidence,” she added.


During the sessions, dignitaries from M Power will get in touch with women who are attending the workshop and will guide them on mental wellness and how to get positivity in daily life.  At the workshop, tips will be shared with everyone on how to boost progressive liveliness instantly and be happy when there are challenges around. Also, tips will be shared on how to be self-motivated when challenges arise.


At this fun-filled evening, women will also get some baking tips to impress their loved ones on Valentine’s Day by using ideas shared by AnjaniRawat from Apron Patisserie. She will share some interesting mouthwatering dessert recipes for all.


The workshop will be charged Rs 3000/- per person as the registration fee and some part of the receipt will be given to the NGO.  Pre- Registrations are compulsory for the workshop and it is open for ladies of all age groups to get over- all self- confidence.


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