“Baywatch is racy and naughty.” – @@@@Priyanka Chopra@@@@

“Priyanka Chopra is right now in Miami to advance Baywatch. during a meeting on a Spanish talk appear, the actress got authentic about Baywatch recollections from her adolescence and her underlying impression of America. This is what she stated: “There is a lot of Rated R comedy, racy, naughty  ….Actually I was an enormous fan of Baywatch. I think the world over, outside of America, Baywatch is an immense hit. It is here as well. It used to be me and my mother’s custom. Like, we used to ..you know when the music began, that was our cue…the sound effects..It’s clever really, when I was growing up we used to watch Baywatch and you would feel like that was what America was. That everyone walked in slow motion and that there was shoreline all around. My feeling changed when I arrived in America.” Isn’t that sweet and honest?

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