Ranbir Kapoor reveals his mother is borderline obsessive about Fawad Khan

Ranbir Kapoor recently revealed in an interview that his mother Neetu Kapoor was borderline obsessive about Fawad Khan. “My mother is borderline obsessed with Fawad, she has been watching serials like Humsafar. “ He regretted that due to political tension between India and Pakistan, a talent like Fawad wasn’t able to do films in India. “It was unfortunate that due to the political climate Fawad had to bear the brunt. But he is someone who I admire and I also connected to him as a friend. I would love to do a film with him where we can share the screen space for a longer time.” He further added that he loved Fawad’s role in Kapoor and sons. He also remembered their camaraderie during Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. “His role in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil added so much of dignity and so much of an impact. He was kind enough to do it as it was like a guest appearance, it wasn’t a big part.”

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