Salman Khan explains why he doesn’t think Tubelight will break Baahubali 2’s record


Baahubali 2 is breaking a new record each day and has literally taken the nation by storm. Salman Khan, who is no stranger to shattering box-office records himself, was asked if he thinks Tubelight can break Baahubali’s record. “I doubt it is going to break the record, said Salman instantly.

He explained, “Because Baahubali is like one of a freakish film that has happened and the Hindi film goers have been like super, they did not care if it was a dubbed film, they did not care that it was like a Tamil, Telugu film, a South Indian film, they went to see because they loved the first one, so they lapped the movie on and because of the Hindi cinema goers that film has got this numbers. Hats off to our guys who have gone and seen the film and made it such a big hit.”

Salman was also asked if he feels the pressure of achieving a certain figure at the box office. “I don’t take pressure. As long as no one loses money, I am fine with it,” said the actor.

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