This is What Deepika Padukone has to react changing her surname post marriage

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been married for two months now. The couple tied the knot at Lake Como in Italy.Deepika candidly spoke about calling husband Ranveer, Ranveer Singh Padukone. When asked about changing surnames in a recent interview, Deepika Padukone had something interesting to say.

Deepika said, “It’s not true. In fact, after that interview, I realised that it’s a conversation (changing surnames) Ranveer and I’ve never had. So, we haven’t been like, ‘oh, do you think you should change your surname?’ That chat was, of course, a candid joke of sorts. It has never crossed either of our minds. When I was asked about it, I was like, ‘oh, we haven’t thought about it’. Maybe because it’s not important. Also, I’ve worked extremely hard to create my own identity and so has he. So, my question is, ‘why would he have to do that?’ I think what people see of us is a very miniscule part of our entire being and existence. But at the core of it, we are very alike.”

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