What happened when Aaradhya Bachchan met Rekha?

The Ambani’s affection tossing them extravagant gatherings at their Mumbai home Antilla. Furthermore, off late, they’ve been setting up one gathering after another for our Bollywood celebs. Be it Ganpati or Diwali… the best of Bollywood heads to South Mumbai for the rich merriments.

A touch late however an insider exhibit at one of the gatherings uncovered a somewhat fascinating episode that happed at one of the Ambani parites.

Among all the B-towners, who lined up for Ganpati Darshan at Antillia, were Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, hubby Abhishek and girl Aaradhya. Exactly when they were entering the manor, the incredible Rekha arrived. Cinder and Abhishek welcomed Rekha and traded merriments with her. In addition, Ash influenced Aaradhya to do namaste to the amazing performing artist and take her endowments. Sweet!

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