You won’t believe how much Salman Khan will get paid for each Bigg Boss episode this season

Salman Khan is all set to host the eleventh edition of the reality television series, Bigg Boss. The show is based around the concept of inmates trapped in a house for 100 odd days with eliminations, wild card entries and all the jazz that makes for an interesting daily watch.

Salman Khan adds the Khan star power to the show every year and we are excited to see him grace the front stage again. With his humour and wit, he is ready to take charge of this season too.

But as they say, nothing comes easy and this Khan for sure doesn’t come cheap. Salman Khan is said to be getting a whooping amount of Rs 13 crore per episode for this season. With 13 weeks and 2 episodes a week, you can do the math and the money that the power-packed host is about to pocket from the reality show.

When asked if he would like to be a contestant in the house, he said, “It is too difficult a show for me to survive. In two days I will land up in the Lonavala (the place where Bigg Boss is shot) jail.”

He seemed to be in the best of his humour and tackled questions about his paycheck and more with ease. Well, he seems to be ready for the new season, are you, too?

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