5 signs that show your partner is lying to you

Trust your instincts

The very first reason that you are reading this piece of writing is that you have already pointed something fishy in your partner’s behaviour. If yes, do not ignore it, trust your instincts and investigate the matter.

“I’m so busy these days”

If you ask your partner about his/her day’s schedule or the reason why he/she didn’t reply to the message you send them two days ago – do not believe them saying “I’m so busy these days” especially when they keep you at least one or two minutes waiting before telling you the story. It surely is a lie which takes us to another point on the list!

Using defense mechanism

Defense mechanisms are the strategies one opt for in order to defend their wrongdoings. So whenever you ask for the details from your partner on certain things and he/she is lying about it, your partner will either try to change the topic or become extremely defensive about their actions.

Body language says a lot

Any sudden change in your partner’s body language indicates that they are hiding something from you. If your partner is not making eye contact with you while talking, it may mean they are constantly lying to you about something. Similarly, if they make too much eye contact than usual -this is also a sign of something fishy which is going on.

Take cues from their non-verbal language

When your partner’s expressions don’t match his/her words, that is a sure sign of them lying to you.


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