5 effective ways on how to fix when you are in an unhealthy relationship

Fixing a relationship is really essential if you are in truely love your partner and can’t see him/her going anywhere. While a bad relationship cen be draining for both physical and metal health, mend your broken relationship on topmost priority. We understand each relationship is different from the other, but taking the following steps in account to fix it can save your partner!

Talk it out
If it is unhealthy, then it means that two people are not on the same page. While there can be many reasons, it is more important to talk it out and express. You have been in a relationship for so long which means that two people by now must understand each other and will deal with the difficulties maturely.

Accept what you did
Speaking of an unhealthy relationship, it is born, fed and nurtured into becoming worse. So, it is essential you and your partner to figure out how you’ve contributed to the problem and most importantly accepting the responsibility for your actions.

Go on trip together
Plan a lot of fun, social activities, and do not forget to create memories on your trip. Just remember you are taking this trip to revive your relationship, to add the spark which was lost somewhere in between your monotonous love life.

Seek professional help
There is nothing wrong in seeking professional counseling if the two of you think that it is necessary.Relationship counseling can also help you and your partner better understand the problems and move forward.

Realise that its time to Break-up
Painful but that’s what you need in case you are done with trying to make your relationship better. Accept that you can’t change certain things and move on. Timely break-ups are healthy rather than dragging an unnecessary emotional baggage.

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