French luxury brand Longchamp introduces its Valentine’s Day 2018 special collection

Longchamp Valentine's Day Special - INR 16,500 (3)

The French luxury brand Longchamp introduces its Valentine’s Day special collection, which celebrates the month of love with its playful and perky splash of pink.

Longchamp is releasing a collection of small leather goods and accessories for Valentine’s Day. A print with hearts and lucky charms floating around mirrored winged horses on a pastel pink background embellishes S, M and L leather clutches.

Longchamp Valentine's Day Special - Stole -INR 13,500 (4) Longchamp Valentine's Day Special - Key ring - INR 8,500Longchamp Valentine's Day Special - Stole -INR 13,500 (1) (1)Longchamp Valentine's Day Special - Belt - INR 17,500Longchamp Valentine's Day Special - Stole - INR 13,500 (2) (2)

The print appears again on a silk stole in lavender blue, navy and pastel pink – and along the border of a silk scarf featuring a map of Paris dotted with romantic motifs. For a couple cute winks to Cupid,you’ll find a lighthearted soft pink leather strap and belt that are inlaid and embroidered with hearts and arrows. The cherry on top of this playful lovers theme is a charm keyring where a sun anda heart ride along with the legendary Longchamp horse.


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