Garden of Eden BY KARLEO Bridal 2017

KL107 Close Up

Give in to temptation this season, as serpents draw you into the ‘Garden Of Eden’, with Karleo’s new collection of bridal couture that traps you in captivating paradise. The beauty of the utopia that gave life presents itself unassumingly, in soft hues, painting a canvas of cream, pale grey, ivory, muted pink, white, soft yellow, and mint. Each tone is paired with another for maximum impact, with intricate embroidery, sometimes on sheer, seen against the forms that made Eve the object of Adam’s desire. Desire itself does not shy away in this collection, as temptation offers itself through the forbidden fruit in a many an avatar. The tempting serpent gracefully weaves itself into the multifaceted mesh of sinful indulgence. Manipulated fabric, sequins twisted in various forms, exaggerated beads and acrylic elements, with hand-painted detailing, together become the mystifying Eden.

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Staying true to a brand of new interpretations of classics realised through modern techniques, the Garden of Eden is layered and complex. It’s where silhouettes of dramatic proportions meet simple forms, and structured façades encounter surrendering profiles. While the A-line is given festive treatment, blowing its way in is a trumpet with all its flare. Eden is also where the drapery of blooming curiosity confronts naked desire. With artfully-treated illusions of the nude, balanced with embroidered custom patterns, other essentials of Eden subtly flutter in like gentle butterflies. Like a match made in heaven are the elements of Eden and the accessories that adorn them—capes, jackets, and shoulder pads, with ruffles and feathers, along with head pieces, combs and belts in wire-mounted crystal. The theatre doesn’t end in all these complexities. The grand denouement of it all is the tree of life, spread to make a gala statement. It’s the gown that asserts itself as the centre of the entire creation. ■

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