Kulhad chai, crisp matthis and a dose of fashion at Samant Chauhan’s show at Railway Museum

This year, Amazon India Fashion Week in association with Maybelline New York had an area contort on the second day.designer, Samant Chauhan chose to exhibit his collection at the National Rail Museum, which made every one of us feel nostalgic. He chose this offsite area to pay landing page to the place where he grew up and railroads.



Samant, who is from Jamalpur in Bihar, experienced childhood in a Railway settlement. The other reason he feels the association with rails is on the grounds that his dad and granddad are from the railroads. Also, that is the reason he decided to exhibit at the Rail Museum.

It was a sunny evening, where every one of the visitors were served kulhad chai and fresh matthis before the show started. Furthermore, the show was committed to Muga Silk, which is otherwise called the ‘Ruler of Textiles’. This year, FDCI is keeping its dedication in advancing ‘Make in India’ crusade and AIFW has been an awesome wander for the same. What’s more, Samant Chauhan’s show was another material joy at AIFW this year. The show advanced ‘The Golden Threads of Assam’ wander.

The Golden Threads of Assam is an activity to save the regal silk Muga and helping every one of the weavers and rearers of this silk to keep up their unique character. Samant Chauhan introduced the Muga silk collection on the second day to revive this ancient art once more. He has likewise done a show in Shillong in the past to promote and preserve the Queen of Textile: Muga@@@@@@@@

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