MIXX presents #TheStreetHasNoGender

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Celebrating androgyny in street fashion

New Delhi, January 08, 2018: In a unique concept, MIXX addresses & presents a key issue for today’s youth: Gender roles & androgyny in fashion. #TheStreetHasNoGender celebrates androgyny in street fashion, integrating styles curated from adidas Originals, the pioneering sportswear brand for the street.

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#TheStreetHasNoGender is an e-zine that chronicles eight woke individuals inspired by street culture; bending art, fashion, music and gender to create their own brand of self-expression. By blurring gender lines, these artists subscribe to androgyny as a rejection of conventional roles and rules of conduct. The individuals include: model and entrepreneur Toshada Uma, gender fluid artist and sculptor Durga Gawde, musician Sid Vashi and model Dale De Menezes.

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Speaking about the campaign, Team MIXX said, “MIXX is about starting conversations around the idea of gender equality and neutrality. adidas Originals was an obvious choice for MIXX to bring the looks together as it has been a pioneering voice for inspired self-expression and has also engaged with the community of creators that resonates with the campaign. The brand has always been at the forefront of street-style and alternative culture, making it a befitting story & fashion inspiration to curate the statement looks for the e-zine. The campaign is a true personification of the gender neutrality that MIXX stands for, and of the brand values & DNA of adidas Originals: of always striving for Originality and stripping yet another layer to ‘ungender’ street fashion and revel it in its true essence.”

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Through the e-zine and social media campaign, MIXX aims to create a new language and rally an existing subculture around the idea of gender equality.

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About MIXX:

MIXX is about starting conversations around the idea of gender equality and neutrality. It is an urban phenomenon, spinning off art and popular culture to bring together different points of view on the subject. MIXX attempts to create multiple experiences to be able to interact with people across a spectrum of things – like art, design, film, fashion, literature, even food.

A big part of their process is a zine featuring like-minded people and brands as the ideal vehicle for new ideas and thoughts to reach people.

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