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Giovani brings to you premium Italian styled shirts

Mumbai, July 16th, 2018 – Shirts are an essential part of our wardrobe, they define your sense of style and enhance your personality. The idea here is to have wardrobe essentials that work for more than one occasion. Sounds promising? Keep reading for Giovani, specialists in Italian cuts and silhouettes must have shirts for the trendiest looks this season!

  1. A white shirt, the oldest in style – White shirts are probably the most versatile wardrobe essential that one should have. But with Giovani, we don’t just do the basic white shirts. For casual looks to formal looks, Giovani has its own statement white collared shirt with pleat details that keeps you ready for any occasion. IMG_8450 (1)
  2. The all black – The safest and probably the most go to option in times of hurry, you cannot ever go wrong with an all black shirt. Ideal for that perfect suit look or the casual after work dinners, black shirts are the signature clothing for men. Giovani also offers you a variety of prints to amplify that sleek black shirtIMG_8483
  3. The classic blues – Blue is a timeless colour and can be worn in all seasons throughout e year. The various shades of blue add the perfect colour to your outfit. To top it all, it is perfect for a formal as well as an informal look. Giovani has these classic blue shirts with semi cut away collars and contrast detailing that makes you stand out amongst the regular blues.IMG_8490
  4. The pattern shirt – The monochromes and the blues are the options that every man usually has but for you to make a mark, wearing something quite unlike the regular is what gets you going. Giovani has got you covered with their extreme cut away shirts that have combo detailing, ideal for men who to choose to experiment with their dressingIMG_8476While buying a shirt, most of us look for comfort with style and versatility. With Giovani’s shirt collection, one can experience the true sense of comfort, versatility, style – all mixed with fine shades of colours and patterns that sets them apart from the rest.

    About Giovani

    Launched in the year 2000, the brand was acquired by Future Lifestyle Fashions in 2014. Giovani is a quintessential suits & jackets brand that refuses to be ‘Jacketed’. Giovani eases the layer of formal – rituals around the suit and allows ones true self to manifest.

    It’s for the man who straddles many roles and celebrates each of them with ease. Giovani also offers a niche and unique collection for the woman with a elegant sense of style.

    Present in over 100 retail touch points spread across both exclusive brand stores and shop-in-shop. Giovani offers classic and elegant clothing tailored with refined Italian cuts and outstanding workmanship at an affordable price in India with a commitment to create clothes that complement your individuality and personal taste. Enjoy the elegance and the comfort of clothes with Italian Cut from Giovani that will be an expression of your taste and style.

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