GANT partners with actor, writer and comedian Craig Ferguson for an intriguing new show, premiering on YouTube this October

In an age when consumers crave authenticity and knowledge more than ever, American lifestyle brand GANT has partnered with actor, writer and comedian Craig Ferguson (formerly of The Late Late Show and Celebrity Name Game) and his wife Megan Ferguson to create an intriguing new show that celebrates curiosity. The show takes inspiration from the GANT credo – Never Stop Learning – and focuses on some of the most intriguing questions in life.

October 2017

In Couple Thinkers Craig teams up with his wife, Megan Ferguson, a former art dealer, who is making her debut on-camera. Together they follow their curiosity and travel around the world to seek out topics they’ve always wondered about but have never had the chance to explore – until now. Featuring subjects ranging from “When do we need to leave this planet?” to “Can we stop aging”, the hosts ask some of the world’s greatest minds to shed light on life’s big questions in a humorous yet authentic way. “We partnered with GANT because they are genuinely altruistic in their approach to using the power of their global outreach. This is extremely rare in large companies and we wanted to be a part of that attempt and encourage it”, says Craig Ferguson. “The show gives Megan and me the unique opportunity to go straight to the experts in any particular topic we were curious or, let’s be honest, arguing about. Something I would imagine most couples would be grateful for”. Together with some of the world’s most renowned experts, the topics Craig and Megan dive into include: Sustainability, Space and the future, Health and aging, Psychology and psychopathy, How to follow your dreams and What is success?

“To be a leading brand in the future we believe consumers need to understand why your brand exists”, says CEO Patrik Nilsson. “Since 1949, GANT has worked to make the world better and more beautiful through our passion for American sportswear and lifelong learning. Our ‘why’ is Never Stop Learning. It is a promise to improve each day, to listen and learn on our quest to create deep and meaningful EPISODE 1 THEME: Sustainability QUESTION: Can real food feed the world? EPISODE 2 THEME: Space & Future QUESTION: When do we need to leave this planet? EPISODE 3 THEME:Health QUESTION: Can we stop aging? EPISODE 4 THEME: Psychology QUESTION: Can you spot a psychopath? EPISODE 5 THEME: Renaissance person QUESTION: How do you dare to follow your dreams and visions? EPISODE 6 THEME: The truth QUESTION: What is success? ABOUT COUPLE THINKERS The TV show Couple Thinkers is independently produced by GANT in line with the brand’s credo Never Stop Learning and is hosted by the actor, writer and comedian Craig Ferguson together with his wife Megan Ferguson. The show follows the hosts as they travel around the world to seek out topics they’ve always wondered about but never have had the chance to explore – until now. connections with our consumers. This TV show is a great example of that and, together with our innovative products that will make their everyday life easier, we are confident our consumers will help GANT to become the leading lifestyle brand in the world”.

GANT wants to inspire its consumers to be curious and to strive higher, in line with its credo of Never Stop Learning. Recognizing that traditional advertising cannot reach these goals, the idea of Couple Thinkers was born. The concept was developed by GANT and produced in collaboration with Zodiak Factory & Mastiff, part of the Banijay Group. With the TV show GANT offers something of value to people: content that engages, inspires curiosity and makes learning meaningful. “We created this show with young curious professionals in mind – a group that is well-informed, open-minded and tech savvy”, says Global Marketing Director, Eleonore Säll. “We believe brands should dare to create content that is both entertaining and informative, content that people would genuinely like to watch. With this show we hope to create conversation starters, spark curiosity and prove that questions can be more important than answers – something we believe the world needs more of right now”.

Couple Thinkers will air in 70 countries and premieres on YouTube on October 9th. GANT made the choice to air the show on YouTube as it is widely populated and the most democratic channel where consumers can ride the wave of accessible learning.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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Episode 6 

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