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Players Choose Tokens, Complete Levels, Collect Coins and Battle Opponents to Win!
Mumbai, (March 13, 2018) – The MONOPOLY brand from Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) and Nintendo today
announced the launch of the MONOPOLY GAMER Edition game that introduces beloved Nintendo
characters and new twists to the MONOPOLY game.

The MONOPOLY GAMER Edition game will feel familiar yet fresh to both MONOPOLY and Nintendo fans,
as players race around the board to complete levels (buy property), collect coins (money)—either from
the bank or by using special powers to take them from other players—and battle legendary bosses to
rack up points and win the game. Players can choose from fan-favorite Super Mario character tokens,

Monopoly Gamer 2Monopoly Gamer 3
such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and Yoshi. For the first time in MONOPOLY history, each character token will have its own unique Power-up ability,introducing another layer of strategy for new and old players alike. For example, landing on the Super Star board space will activate Princess Peach’s Super Star ability to collect rent from the bank. Players can also activate a special Power-up boost by rolling the Power-up die.
“The MONOPOLY GAMER Edition game combines the world of Nintendo with the physical, face-to- face world of the MONOPOLY game,” said Mr. Bhavesh Somaya, Country Head at Hasbro India LLP. “By giving MONOPOLY tokens unique abilities and adding game-play elements such as the Power-up die, we are offering fans an exciting new way to engage with two of their favorite gaming brands.”
The standard MONOPOLY GAMER Edition game has been made available from March across major toy retailers for a suggested retail price of Rs. 1999, and is for ages 8 and up.
Starting today, the MONOPOLY GAMER Collector’s Edition game is available at select GameStop stores in the India, featuring premium packaging and a bonus Bowser token, available exclusively in this edition of the game. The MONOPOLY GAMER Collector’s Edition game will also be available at additional online
retailers later this year.
MONOPOLY is the world’s favorite family game brand and is enjoyed by more than 1 billion players in 114 countries across the globe. Fans can engage with the MONOPOLY brand across many platforms and formats including live events, fashion licensing, digital gaming, casino gambling, and more. Stay updated on the latest MONOPOLY brand news at Monopoly.com, Facebook.com/Monopoly, @HasbroNews on

Twitter, and @Hasbro on Instagram. For more information on MONOPOLY GAMER, visit
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About Hasbro
Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a global company committed to Creating the World's Best Play Experiences, byleveraging its beloved brands, including LITTLEST PET SHOP, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, MONOPOLY, MYLITTLE PONY, NERF, PLAY-DOH and TRANSFORMERS, and premier partner brands. From toys and games,television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and consumer products licensing, Hasbro fulfills the fundamental need for play and connection with children and families around the world. The Company's Hasbro Studios and its film label, ALLSPARK PICTURES, create entertainment brand-driven storytelling across mediums, including television, film, digital and more. Through the company'scommitment to corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, Hasbro is helping to build a safe and sustainable world and to positively impact the lives of millions of children and families. Learn more
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